Purchasing a Cemetery Lot

1. Choose Plot

Maps can be printed from the cemetery’s computer software. We encourage you to visit the cemetery to choose a general area so that parish staff can find unsold plots for you to choose from. Parish staff can also meet you at the cemetery if needed.

2. Price of Graves

Parishioner Rate: $750 to purchase a single plot with one burial and $1250 to purchase a single plot with two burials

Non-parishioner: $1000 to purchase a single plot with one burial and $1500 to purchase a single plot with two burials
Infant Plot: $300

A single plot can be purchased for either a casket or cremation burial. For an additional fee, a single plot can contain two burials — either one casket and one cremation or two cremations (see prices listed above). A single plot can have
only one single marker which must be shared even if there are two burials.
Couples may choose to be buried together in one plot with a single shared marker or they may purchase side by side plots with either a shared double marker or a separate marker on each plot.

3. Size of Grave

Adult 39″ wide by 108″ long (including space for marker)
Infant 16” wide X 28” or 38” long

When the payment for the plot purchase is received in full, the parish office will prepare a document reflecting the right to bury in that plot. Two original copies are prepared, one for the purchaser and one to be kept in the church safe.


1. Opening & Closing of Grave – Deacon Joe Kittok

Contact the parish office at 952-473-1247. Staff will contact Deacon Joe Kittok to arrange burial or installation of the marker. The parish office must be informed of any arrangements. Sunday Burials are not allowed.

Deacon Joe Kittok: 763-972-2989 (home); 763-221-6658 (cell)

2. Fees: All fees are paid directly to St. George. Checks can be made out to St. George and mailed to Church of St. George, 133 N. Brown Rd, Long Lake, MN 55356 Attn: Sara Dore

Full Body Burial: $525 ($550 for months when ground is frozen)

Cremated Remains: $200 ($225 when ground is frozen)

Baby Burial: $200 ($225 when ground is frozen)

3. All burials, including cremated remains, require a vault or grave liner. (Provided by funeral home)

4. The deceased does not need to be a parishioner or Catholic.

5. All burials, markers, and grave adornments must be consistent with Catholic teaching.

All fees are payable to the St. George Cemetery and should be mailed to the parish office at 133 N. Brown Rd, Long Lake, MN 55356. Here is a list of current fees:

Full Body Burial 


Full Body Burial (Winter) 




Cremation (Winter) 


Baby Burial 


Baby Burial (Winter) 


Installing Military Marker 


Marking Fee 



You may purchase a marker from the vendor of your choice. Funeral homes can facilitate this purchase. All markers are footstones and must be flush to the ground. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to make sure that the monument company is aware of the required size and type of marker that is allowed in our cemetery. The church will provide a separate Marker Specifications Sheet for permitted sizes that can be given to the monument company. The purchaser, funeral home or monument company must contact the parish office at 952-473-1247 to arrange the placement of the marker. For a $35 fee, Deacon Joe Kittok will mark where the monument needs to be installed by the monument company.

St. George Cemetery Endowment Fund

The Catholic Cemetery of St. George in Long Lake provides a sacred resting place for all who believe in the Resurrection of the Lord. Gifts either in honor or in memory of a loved one are welcome. Contributions to support the St. George Perpetual Care Endowment Fund are tax deductible. Contributions by mail – Make your check payable to St. George Cemetery Endowment Fund and mail to Church of St. George, 133 N. Brown Road, Long Lake, MN 55356. Online contributions are also accepted. Click the GIVE button at the top of the page then in the Fund  box scroll to Cemetery Endowment.