The Catholic Cemetery of St. George in Long Lake provides a sacred resting place for all who believe in the Resurrection of the Lord. The mission statement of the parish cemetery is to provide a beautiful place of prayer and remembrance as well as a ministry to those who mourn.

Gifts either in honor or in memory of a loved one are welcome. Contributions to support the new St. George Perpetual Care Endowment Fund are now made possible either online or by mail.

All gifts to St. George Catholic Cemetery are tax deductible.


On-line Contributions: Click here [donate on line in middle of the page that says Cemetery Perpetual Care Endowment Fund]

Contributions by mail – Make your check payable to St. George Cemetery Endowment Fund and mail to Church of St. George, 133 N. Brown Road, Long Lake, MN 55356

A Perpetual Care Endowment Fund grows its funds over time so that the interest earned from the Fund will eventually produce sufficient income so that annual expenses will one day be met with sufficient interest income that is generated over time in that designated account.

Another, separate opportunity to donate to the care of the cemetery is also possible and welcome: Contributions to the general cemetery checking account may also be made. This timely income will be used in the current fiscal year, in which they are donated, for the actual maintenance expenses of immediate cemetery operations. These contributions can be made payable by check to St. George Cemetery (with a notation for general cemetery maintenance) and will be entered into the St. George Cemetery Checking Account for current use. This is a separate account from the St. George Cemetery Endowment Fund.

Thank you for your generous assistance to help maintain St. George Cemetery and to secure its perpetual care.


Church of St. George 
133 North Brown Road
Long Lake, MN 55356

Office Hours: 
Tues – Thurs, 9am-2:30pm

Phone: 952- 473-1247
Emergency line: 651-402-9005

Weekend Masses:
Saturday 4pm (Rosary at 3:30pm)
Sunday 9:15am (Rosary at 8:45am)
Sunday 5:00pm in Spanish

Weekday Masses:
Tues 5:30pm; Wed & Thurs 8:30am; 1st and 4th Fri at 8:30am

Reconciliation Schedule
Saturday 3:00pm-3:30pm and by appointment