St. George Catholic Cemetery 401 Willow Drive Long Lake, MN St. George Catholic Cemetery contains many large trees, shady walkways, a gravel road, and borders old Highway 12 on its south side.  The cemetery is owned and operated by Church of Saint George,133 Brown Road North, Long Lake, MN 55356. The Cemetery Board operates under a set of by-laws which conform to church doctrine and state laws. All income collected is separate from church funds.  All expenses are paid by St. George Cemetery Bank Account. The Cemetery Board has adopted a set of rules and regulations that govern the cemetery, many of which are posted at the entrance to the grounds. All are welcome to spend time at St. George Cemetery.  It is the goal of the Cemetery Board to maintain the cemetery grounds in good quality as a tribute and a memorial to the deceased interred there. Your assistance in following these regulations will assist these efforts and is very much appreciated. Cemetery Rules and Regulations
  1. All decorations must be in a plant stand that is 24 inches off the ground so that they do not interfere with mowing or trimming.
  2. While we encourage the use of living plants, artificial displays should be checked often for sun, wind and weather damage.  Please remove any faded or weathered displays immediately.
  3. Avoid leaving objects of great value or expensive pots or flowers.  We do not have locked gates, and do not take responsibility for any objects that go missing.
  4. Perpetual care assumed by the cemetery shall in no case mean maintenance, repair, or replacement of any vase, basket, memorial, flowers or other objects placed as a memorial or decoration. Please do not place memorials or decorations that have significant value to you in the cemetery. Avoid placing small statues, rocks or trinkets, as these items become lost in the grass and can damage mowing equipment.  Glass is absolutely prohibited.  Any broken, scattered, or spilt objects will be removed.
  5. No digging, no planting of any kind, and no placement of markers is allowed without express permission from the Church of St. George parish office.  Please consult with the parish office before ordering a marker to make sure that it meets cemetery specifications.  The placement of markers must happen under the direction of the cemetery manager.
  6. All winter decorations must be removed by April 1. All summer/autumn decorations removed by November 1.
Burial Options: The Cemetery offers in-ground burial options: full-body or cremation.  Costs vary, depending on the type of burial option selected.  Non-parishioners may be buried in the parish cemetery. Contact the parish office for available burial sites and pricing. Future costs include opening/closing gravesite costs at the time of funeral service and the marking of the grave prior to installation of the monument. Tax-deductible contributions to the St. George Cemetery Perpetual Care Endowment Fund by the friends/benefactors of St. George Cemetery are welcome.


Church of St. George 
133 North Brown Road
Long Lake, MN 55356

Office Hours: 
Tues – Thurs, 9am-2:30pm

Phone: 952- 473-1247
Emergency line: 651-402-9005

Weekend Masses:
Saturday 4 pm (Rosary at 3:30 pm)
Sunday 9:15 am (Rosary at 8:45 am)
Sunday 5:00 pm in Spanish

Weekday Masses:
Tues 5:30pm; Wed & Thurs 8:30am; 1st and 4th Fri at 8:30am

Reconciliation Schedule
Saturday 3:00 pm-3:30 pm and by appointment