CEMETERY OF ST. GEORGE ~ TASKS AND TIMELINE ~ SHORT TERM: 5 YEAR PLAN The 5-year plan was first developed and composed during the summer of 2018. One year later, we are pleased to announce the following developments have occurred (May 2019):
  • Include a new cemetery information site on the current parish website stgeorgelonglake.org/cemetery giving information about cemetery rules and regulations, the new perpetual care endowment fund, a proposed five-year plan, and other important information. (May 2019)
  • Now that the St. George Cemetery Perpetual Care Endowment Fund is established, online donation opportunities at the parish cemetery website are possible.
  • 3 outdoor weatherproof plastic road signs (now designed and ordered) will be placed along the cemetery roadway, informing the public, especially non-parishioners and friends of St. George Cemetery, of this new fund. These seasonal signs will be an annual reminder to invite prospective contributions. These signs are placed at the entrance of cemetery, midway and within the circle near the cross. Two signs are also placed near the main entrance of the church. (May 2019)
  • Because the parish office administers cemetery records, files, and sales of cemetery lots, compensation for parish office personnel for cemetery management, from the cemetery account to the church account, will be made and shown annually in fiscal year-end reports.
Still in the early stages of proposals:
  • Make any road improvements and reinforcements to its surface as needed. (reviewed on an annual basis)
  • Begin a special cemetery campaign to invite contributions to the new Endowment Fund.   Perhaps set a goal at $75,000.00 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Cemetery (1952-2027).   Meanwhile, in preparation for such a campaign, begin to research the names and addresses of relatives/friends whose ancestors are buried in the parish cemetery, prepare a joint “pastor and cemetery trustees” invitational letter, and design a contribution card and return envelope.  (Start this initiative with research efforts beginning early 2020. A strong commitment of volunteers will be necessary first.  Announce the formal campaign, perhaps Memorial Day 2020)  Now made public, check again in October 2019 to see if there is a parish-wide endorsement of this proposed campaign before it possibly goes forward with any research efforts.
  • Research the possibility of a columbarium structure(s) for future placement at St. George Cemetery for ‘above ground’ cremation burials.  (Contact other parishes with cemeteries, including St. Joseph in New Hope/Plymouth, for information/advice on their successful installations.)  Set a realistic goal, perhaps of 2/3 of units pre-sold, before actual installation occurs. (Note: contact a St. Cloud construction company)
  • The research could begin in 2020. Completion of the project, upon the success of pre-sales, perhaps in 2022. Enact this new structure if and only if pre-sales are strong.
  • Improvements to cemetery software. Necessary updates to cemetery software will be made as soon as possible.


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