If you have any comments or questions regarding the St George Cemetery, please contact one of the trustees or the parish office.

Cemetery Trustees:
Paul Bennett email:  pabennett@district287.org
John Hughes email:  jmdahughes@yahoo.com

Parish Office:
Sara Dore info@stgeorgelonglake.org
Lynn Johnston ljohnston@stgeorgelonglake.org


Church of St. George 
133 North Brown Road
Long Lake, MN 55356

Office Hours: 
Tues – Thurs, 9am-2:30pm

Phone: 952- 473-1247
Emergency line: 651-402-9005

Weekend Masses:
Saturday 4 pm (Rosary at 3:30 pm)
Sunday 9:15 am (Rosary at 8:45 am)
Sunday 5:00 pm in Spanish

Weekday Masses:
Tues 5:30pm; Wed & Thurs 8:30am; 1st and 4th Fri at 8:30am

Reconciliation Schedule
Saturday 3:00 pm-3:30 pm and by appointment